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Friday, July 17, 2009

What a nice day for a ride :)

I headed out to Gladstone this morning to have a much needed ride on the ponies. Both of them loaded well, Alberto self loaded, I'm so proud of him. They got some lovely stables to hang in while I got things organized and rode etc. JC was a little on edge as usual, but Alberto just seems to take it all in and wasn't worried about the new surroundings or the little stallion in the box next door.

First up I rode JC, he was a bit frisky, but just like he usually is really. He needs heaps of schooling, he is heavy on the forehand so I'm just trying to get him moving off my leg and carrying himself again, I think once his fitness is better he will work much nicer. All in all he warmed up well, few pig routes and one buck! But he went pretty good. He was rushing the fences after a bit but we sorted that towards the end of the session. I am having his back done next week so I'm rather interested to see if we find anything, he has some sweat rash on him from getting in a lather the other week, so think that would be a bit uncomfortable for him. We only jumped about 85cm today, not a lot as he isn't fit.

Alberto was such a good boy, he wasn't spooking at anything alongside the arena and he just seemed really chilled out. I warmed him up, he still isn't working on an outline often, but he is moving forward and away from the leg nicely. We did a little circle work and he is starting to understand bending and coming up in the outside hand....he has a really good brain and I'm super excited about him. he reminds me so much of Jazz, just so willing and a good attitude towards his work. He popped straight over some poles on the ground and over a x bar no worries. We did a small upright and oxer with no worries. He knocked the upright and nearly fell over it as I let him canter and he isnt ready for that yet (still finding his feet). He jumped it huge after that though, which is awesome! He feels really willing and scopey...I cant wait to ride him more. My sis had trouble getting my rangy camera to work, so we didnt get any decent photos apart from the one pictured.

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