Good things come in small packages

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Go Tony

Well Tony has started some light schooling with Anna and is making progress, he is still a bit stiff but is moving so much more freely now that he has had his treatment. He is learning to leg yield and use that back end, he is showing potential as an eventer, popped some small xc fences with Anna and straight over a few show jumps without any hesitation. He seems to be very brave and bold. He gets tired quick, but that will improve with fitness.

We are having a bit of money trouble and I have been advertising Tony for sale, but it probably isn't worth me selling him, and after seeing someone ride him it certainly made me think twice.

Ill give tony a few months and he should be improving on the flat by then, his jumping seems to be easy for I'm not too worried about jumping him much.

Tony has been getting some racehorse feed and you can certainly tell...he is a bit wirey on the ground....he has ants in his pants..nothing dirty. Its rather amusing actually. We are taking him off that for now, he is much more forward moving since arriving at my place....I'm pleased about that as he was pretty hard to keep going to begin with!

JC is coping well being in the paddock alone......and even tho he picks on Tony I'm sure he will be happy when he comes home this Saturday :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tonys first outing

Well our first outing was nothing too exciting, just a local dressage day. I didn't compete tony as I don't think he would be able to canter in a small arena, so we just went along for a play really. I have been thinking of selling Tony as he is just so quiet, its a bit boring. But I am getting my instructor who is a very good SJ rider to see if we can sharpen him up and if he might be capable of doing the level I am aiming for with him. He is so easy to do everything with and tries really hard to please me.

He loaded on the float without too much fuss, travelled and unloaded like a pro. He was a little fidgety tied to the float, but that's to be expected. I jumped straight on and work amongst the other horses straight away. Tony just did what he was told and went where I wanted him to wouldn't believe he was a successful race horse, he has none of the typical trates and is so cruisey.

Over the next few weeks Anna will be taking tony. I plan to have both him and JC's teeth done and both boys to get a massage.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

About Time!

Thought it was about time I made my own blog so here is goes! Now instead of sending people random emails, you can check my horses progress and what im up to at your leisure.

JC - is finally sound and back in work. The 11 week break as done wonders for him and he is looking and feeling great! I am aiming to do some SJ wit him at TLC in July. I am still not 100% sure I want to event him next season as he is very hot for the dressage.....but who knows, he may suprise me!

I have a new horse called Tony. He raced in Hong Kong and was a very good racehorse. He came down to me from Cambridge where he was given a test drive and sold to me to become a sport horse. He is so quiet and has the most adorable nature. He has to be one of the most laid back horses ive had OTT. He is rather soild and a nice type. He is improving with the few small rides we have had and I have been concentrating on getting him going forward and using himself properly. He is much sharper with transitions, and his jump is very cute.

Ill keep you updated on progress, with pics of course :)

I am keeping my ear out for any OTT that I can do some basics with and rehome. I quiet enjoy it so might aswell. Ive had alot of bad luck with the floating side of things with a fingers crossed for some good luck in that area in the future. Thank goodness my two are excellent in that area!