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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Boys get the WOF

Both the horses had a chiro appointment on Thursday, JC (as expected) has a lot going on. His back and neck were all out (8 in total) his offside hock and a few other little niggles. I rode the following afternoon and he was very happy and there was no disuniting or bucking. He has been doing this since I bought him, so I'm really pleased I have that sorted. I need to have him seen again in the next few months, hopefully he is making progress. But due to his confirmation its expected I will have back problems, the fact he is a 'hot' horse doesn't help either. I also had his teeth done on Saturday and they wernt too bad. He does have woolf teeth, but I will get him sedated to pull those as he is a kicker when in any pain.

Chiro was good for Alberto. He said Al has a really strong back and pelvis and in really good nic for a horse just out of racing. He is such a lil cutie, everyone that's seen him so far likes him. He only had a vertebrae out in his neck and on rib (which connects to the spine) out and a fetlock. His teeth were a bit steep at the back, but all sorted and he doesn't have anything else to deal with (like Wolf teeth).

Both the boys were wormed and shod the other day, JC will get a massage at some point and we should be all ready for the new season. I'm in the process of registering Alberto with ESNZ, I am wanting to compete both at the spring excited :)

Hopefully when this stupid weather improves I can get some riding in. I really need to teach Al to jump at a canter and see how he is with some fill. JC just needs to calm down haha

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