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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well, after careful consideration I have chosen which horse to sell....I was going to sell Alberto as I knew he would be an easy sale...I had someone offer to take him right then and there as they watched me ride him, but I told them I wasn't sure I wanted to at this stage. Its nice to know I have a horse that appeals to so many people, he isn't a super star, but then neither am I hehe! He is is very lazy off the leg, but I am going to have some lessons to help with that, he is working kindly in all 3 paces and not drifting so much now, jumped some fences including a double nicely....he got his spring back so im really pleased.

I had lessons on both to help me decide, just getting a few people opinions on which horse is the nicer of the two (not just looks) poor JC wasn't gifted in this area as we all know! Alberto is the more suitable of the two, he is more even in temperament, has a nice consistent rhythm into his fences and with grids should tidy up nicely. I want to SJ to about 1.10m and PN event one day and we agree he is the more suitable horse for this as JC has very average movement and is starting to get stiff again in warm ups. I am hoping he doesn't go lame again as this is how it all started last time. I have spent a lot of money trying to sort him out, so if happens again I have no idea what is causing it. When I sell him I will mention his previous lameness and the fact we think it was muscular. I don't want to put people off, but I don't want people buying then have problems and not being aware. He jumped awesome in his lesson...we did heaps of trotting as he locks himself and pulls like a steam train (rushes into a fence). He started to get nervous when we trotted into my wall...he went to jump and slammed on the brakes. Took a bit ti get him over (at canter) went to jump it for the 3rd time and he did the same thing.......wasn't very nice for me.....he would almost drop me in it....finally I got him over and he jumped up and straight down......landed his back legs on the jump and I back on and jumped some fences again and called it a day, will try again this week.. Think he has just given himself a fright, he get so tense and nervous tho, there is no point hitting him and stuff as makes him worse! Was a bit of a shame, but he did jump some decent fences very well! I am hoping someone who wants to SJ will take him on.....wish me luck.

The farm in on the market fro $455,000 now - we have dropped the price as Glen wants it sold! I will just keep Alberto until we get back on out feet...I may look for a nice schoolmaster type in the new year to join Alberto.

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