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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tony goes, Alberto stays

Tony went to his new home on Saturday. Kate picked him up and had a flash new cover for him and is very happy. He loaded straight on the float and off he went! Kate and I plan to go for a ride together sometime soon.'

JC wasn't too impressed seeing his buddy leaving so decided to gallop round and round the big paddock like a complete idiot. Alberto thought he would join in, they must have done about 10 laps and Alberto showed his racing from out in the paddock, poor JC was snorting and puffing. They were going so fast they broke through the electric tape and galloped around the house, I was not impressed by this. I caught them once I fixed the tape, Alberto was pretty warm but not sweating, however JC was in a lather...white foam all through his rugs!

I have had Alberto 2 weeks, and have decided to buy him. I had a bit of a freak moment while I was pulling his mane. He was eating with his head down and came back up and made a noise which sounded like windsucking, it was really quick and he didnt bite and arch.....I have tied him for the last few days and nothing like it again, apart from biting the rails a fingers crossed its nothing (which is most likely the case). Alberto is starting to work in an outline now and is so quiet. I'm hoping to get some new photos of him under saddle in the next few weeks. I'll try get the farrier to put some back shoes on this week and go down to the arena for some schooling.

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