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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Go Tony

Well Tony has started some light schooling with Anna and is making progress, he is still a bit stiff but is moving so much more freely now that he has had his treatment. He is learning to leg yield and use that back end, he is showing potential as an eventer, popped some small xc fences with Anna and straight over a few show jumps without any hesitation. He seems to be very brave and bold. He gets tired quick, but that will improve with fitness.

We are having a bit of money trouble and I have been advertising Tony for sale, but it probably isn't worth me selling him, and after seeing someone ride him it certainly made me think twice.

Ill give tony a few months and he should be improving on the flat by then, his jumping seems to be easy for I'm not too worried about jumping him much.

Tony has been getting some racehorse feed and you can certainly tell...he is a bit wirey on the ground....he has ants in his pants..nothing dirty. Its rather amusing actually. We are taking him off that for now, he is much more forward moving since arriving at my place....I'm pleased about that as he was pretty hard to keep going to begin with!

JC is coping well being in the paddock alone......and even tho he picks on Tony I'm sure he will be happy when he comes home this Saturday :)

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