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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quick Update

Cindy has been sold to a lovely dressage home in the South Island. She has been on freemover plus with me and its really helping her back. Her new owner is going to lunge and do flatwork to build up her back muscles, and hopfully do some competiton on her. Its a perfect home and in all fairness to Cindy its much kinder for her as she isnt ready to do what I want to do competiton wise. I am really going to miss her, such a sweet mare. I was very picky as to what home I wanted for her. I had lots of interest, and after having 4 homes since finishing racing I wanted a long term home with someone who didnt mind taking their time and being aware of her issues and prepared to wrok through them. I look forward to hearing from Kelly to see how they are doing. Cindy should be leaving my place at some stage this week.
My New Pony has arrived and is super cute. I have only had one quick ride as he needs shoeing. He was very quiet and willing. I will get some photos as soon as I can. He has already proven he will jump and make a nice SJ and event type with little schooling, im really excited about him. Hopfully I can get him to some sports days before xmas just for an outing or 2 :)

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